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In eastern medicine, we believe that people are made of a life force called ch'i.  This means energy or spirit.  When our energy is balanced and smooth flowing we are in good health.  When we are imbalanced we may experience ill health.  

5 Element is an ancient tradition of diagnosing individuals by observing the "element", or phase of energy in which they primarily live.  The 5 elements are "phases of energy" like the seasons.  Winter is the water element.                  Spring is the wood element.     Summer is fire.               Later summer is earth.               

Fall is Metal.  


I have studied the art of pulse reading with masters.  Each one of the 12 major pathways (Heart, Lungs, etc) has it's own pulse.  I am able to feel if you have a block and then treat you to clear that block. My experience and training is that clearing blocks is extremely helpful to restoring good health.  

My treatment plan is then based on enhancing your flow of ch'i on your primary element.  Because this really is who you are, you feel better at a deeper level.  I am treating all of you - not just your symptom.   


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5 element acupuncture 

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